Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Can They Live Without Jesus

Keith Green was a popular Christian singer when I was a teen.  I was told that if you didn't have money for his concert, he would never turn you away.  He also gave out his cassettes to people.  He had a very giving heart.  He also published a newsletter that I devoured and the information he shared altered the course of my life as I studied scripture and found it to be true. 

A friend sent me the lyrics to this song and it fits so well with the topic of spiritual abuse.  Spiritual abuse can rock your faith like none other.  The italicized lyrics really spoke to me with regard to this issue.  Sometimes our brain will wrongly equate those in authority with God.  If those in authority were abusive, God can get some of that blame.  He is not to blame.  The last stanza is beautiful. 

How can they live without Jesus
How can live without God's love
How can they feel so at home down here
When there's so much more up above

Throwin' away things that matter
They hold on to things that don't
The world has gone crazy
But soon maybe
A lot more are gonna know

For maybe they don't understand it
Or maybe they just haven't heard
Or maybe we're not doin' all we can
Living up to His Holy Word

'Cause phonies have come
And wrong's been done
Even killing in Jesus' name
And if you've been burned
Here's what I've learned
The Lord's not the one to blame

For He's not just a religion
With steeples and bells
Or a salesman who will sell you
The things you just want to hear

For His love was such
That he suffered so much
To cause some of us
Just to follow, follow

So many laughing at Jesus
While the funniest thing that He's done
Is love this whole stubborn rebellious world
While their hate for Him just goes on

And love just like that
Will bring him back
For the few He can call His friends
The ones He's found true
Who've made it through
Enduring until the end
The ones He's found true
Who've made it through
Enduring until the end

1 comment:

  1. "Or maybe we're not doin' all we can
    Living up to His Holy Word"

    Don't trade one evil task master for another.
    Please take the time to study Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism and Antinomianism.

    Don't stop there.
    Find out what who and why these ideas were refuted.

    Move on to the 1800's and the introduction of "dispensationalism", by J.N Darby and the subtle heresy introduced by this heretical Roman Catholic Jesuit inspired doctrine. Centered around the Pre Tribulation rapture and the removal of the Holy Spirit from the earth (Left Behind Series) so the "man of sin" can be revealed. Yet- how can those in "the Tribulation" be saved without the Holy Spirit? Answer- They can't! This Doctrine is anti-Trinitarian and false.

    That's not all. Coming out of false religion is a hard task and a long road. I think one of the first things that needs to be settled, is, the Bible Version question.

    There are 2 distinct "lines of transmission". One is Byzantine and the other Alexandrian. All modern translations (including the footnotes and some parts of the NKJV) are primarily from the Alexandrian stream or the philosophy of doubt. The Greek being translated by Biblical Critics from manuscripts that are older but seriously damaged and not in agreement with each other. Yet because of their age they are deemed "more reliable". (bad premise)

    As you study this topic, you will discover that the reason todays modern translations CONTINUE to be revised and re-worded is because they STILL haven't ironed out all the problems, particularly take the time to get a handle on what a Textual Critical Apparatus is/are, and the controversy surrounding those. Note the date "higher criticism" took hold. 1800's.

    There really truly is something you need to understand about the King James Bible, it continues to stand alone and apart from every single other version. It also requires the most in-depth care to study because you must understand how to translate the English of the time period it was translated in.

    Is there a problem with questioning and Criticizing God's Word? of course. You end up just changing the stuff you don't like. It empowers you to roll your own religion. How many different ones are there now that use "the Bible"?

    This is all a part of the same topic. Keith Green sounds so close to Mormonism some times that once you discover what Pelagianism is, you will understand why I said that.

    (I am an ex-mormon, and ex-calvary chapel-ite and ex-antinomian and ex-aog and ex-spiritist and ex-psychic and really there are a lot of other religions I dabbled in that are "new-age", they are all lies)

    Why am I sort of ambiguous? Because if you are anything like me, you will have to learn it for yourself because just being told something won't be enough.


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