Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Month and I Feel Good

It's been one month since this blog was created.  After noticing my Google reviews on Beaverton Grace Bible Church were being removed from the Google review website without any explanation, I began this blog to share my story because I felt my voice was being taken from me.  I don't get this idea of silencing someone on a review forum, especially in America.  How can that happen?  Don't we have a thing called Freedom of Speech?

When we were at BGBC, I would guess the highest church attendance rate to be around 100 people, including children.  I've heard that the numbers were about 80 fairly recently.  How many people typically look up Google reviews when searching for a new church?  Probably not too many.  I wonder how many actually would have seen my initial review had it been left there - especially after it had been bumped down with the glowing reviews by current church members?  Probably even fewer.

Having the Google reviews removed encouraged me to find to a different platform.  This blog has accomplished that with a wider audience, thanks to Google's search engines.  More people will be able to read my story, compare it with theirs, gain understanding on how spiritual abuse can affect the lives of people in such devastating ways and hopefully will be able get back on the right track.  

Through this blog and my story, I have connected with individuals, bloggers, organizations, and even an author who deals with this topic.   It's been wonderful to get support and feedback from people around the world. 

When I initially sent the link out to three people, I suspected a few hits a day and thought it might fizzle out.  Last week, there were several days with over 200 hits a day and the total amount of hits at the time of this post is 4,435.  

It feels great to have a voice again.  I will not stop talking.  I will not stop sharing my story.  I believe it needs to be told.   Thank you for your comments and prayers.  I feel your support. 

And to further express how I feel, go ahead have a little fun with me and picture me as one of the young ladies dancing on the stage.  Oh yea, baby, I feel GOOD!  And yes, that was a shout! 


  1. Love it , love it, love it! Thanks for sharing your story and may you never loose your voice. Great to hear you're feeling soooooo good!

    1. Julie Anne, you crack me up girl! But ya, I know what you mean about feeling good to be out of a place like that! I wish we would have seen the warning signs earlier!



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