Monday, April 30, 2012

Need new reading material? I can help.

We've had a record number of posts and comments today - 340 hits (my attorney said she contributed a few "hits" today, but even if you subtract 10 hits, it still broke a record).  For such a small church, there certainly is interest. 

If you would like to read the 54-page document referencing some 70 legal cases - which was filed Friday by my attorney on behalf of my daughter and me, please send me an e-mail: or you can contact me via Facebook. 

I found it very interesting, filled with lots of legalese, and even a little bit of Thumper  (from Bambi) which amused us greatly.

Please continue to pray for all involved in this lawsuit.  It's not just those who have their name on the paper, but the families.  I was thinking how sweet it was when listening to my 9 yr old (this blog's resident artist) who prays each night for the situation.  It affects the children and spouses as well.  Also pray for those who have left the church and are sorting through what they went through, and of course pray for Chuck, elder(s), and the current congregants. 

I was just thinking about my abusive father.  I never wanted a relationship with him after the way he treated me; yet late in his life, my heart was softened and so was his.  We had complete restoration of our relationship in the last year of his life.  What a gift that was.  I found new love for my father that I had never known.  Now when I think of him, there is sweetness, not abuse.  Those kinds of "miracles" can happen.


  1. Glad to hear that you were amused by some portions. I was afraid to admit that I laughed a couple times. I feel better now!

    1. Laughter is good medicine. I take a good dose of it whenever I can. :)


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