Thursday, December 20, 2012

Music and Madness

'Tis the season and my kids and I have been playing a lot of this:

and singing in Christmas programs.  There are two final music events this week.  Music is so wonderfully healing and was certainly a nice distraction from some heavier subjects.

But hey, did you happen to read about Westboro Baptist Church's website getting hacked last week?  

The Anonymous collective has once again turned its attention to the Westboro Baptist Church.
On Sunday, the hacktivist group uploaded to Pastebin the names, phone numbers, and social security numbers of numerous people it said are members of Westboro Baptist Church, which is based in Topeka, Kan. The data dump also includes the names of multiple members' children and grandchildren.
The Anonymous outreach was fueled by Westboro members promising to picket the funerals of people killed last week at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. 

Can you imagine the audacity of this so-called Christian church picketing in a community that is grieving so badly?  It is truly sickening.   I imagine there are many who secretly (and vocally) applauded the efforts of Anonymous.  I don't agree with their approach at all, but the message they sent was very good. 
Check out this video Anonymous made for Westboro folks.  This is a very well-written message.  The computer voice is ever-so-creepy, too!   

Here is part of the message from Anonymous to Westboro Baptist Church:

“Since your one-dimensional thought protocol will conform not to any modern logic, we will not debate, argue, or attempt to reason with you. Instead, we have unanimously deemed your organization to be harmful and have therefore decided to execute an agenda of action which will progressively dismantle your institution of deceitful pretext and extreme bias, and cease when your zealotry runs dry.” From Anonymous – Message To The Westboro Baptist Church

I would not like to be the enemy of Anonymous.  Just sayin'....

One benefit of social media is that many heard about Westboro's plan to protest at funerals in Connecticut today.  Check out what happened:

Westboro Baptist Church Newton Funeral Protest Thwarted by Good Samaritans
Members of the quasi-religious group, Westboro Baptist Church, planned to gather in Connecticut to protest the funeral of Newtown, Conn., shooting victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung. However, Good Samaritans were already there to thwart any possible protest with a human wall.
The Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket Hochsprung's funeral on Wednesday in Woodbury, Conn., and "sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment." The group has blamed the mass shooting on Connecticut's same-sex marriage legislation. On Dec. 14, 26 people were shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 of those victims included children ages 6 and 7.
Motorcylists lined up on Wednesday to protest the possible protesters. "All these guys see us and think we're bad. We're not. It's solidarity, is what it is," New York native Jim Hannigan told Newtown Patch. "I just felt I had to be here." 

Bravo to those who joined strangers to become a human wall to protest the disgusting efforts of Westboro Baptist!   I am so impressed by the power of those who stand shoulder to shoulder against a powerful force.  I kind of feel that some of you have been a human wall against spiritual abuse - especially those who have stood by me over the past 9+ months.  Thank you!  Your voices, prayers, support have been powerful!

Changing subjects, I followed blog hits and it looks like the recent developments regarding the Impostor Site are getting more publicity, perhaps not the kind of publicity in which was intended: has done an article on my former pastor's recent blog endeavors:  Pastor starts website to attack church's attackers

Additionally, Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries has published his second article on O'Neal:  TODD RHODES ON PASTOR CHUCK O’NEAL’S WEBSITE ATTACKING “CHURCH ATTACKERS”  Ironically, I remember learning about Ken Silva's discernment ministry site while attending BGBC.  

and a couple more sites which link back to the article here:  Christian Research Network and

photo credit: PhilBailey Photography via photopin cc


  1. we will render you obsolete

    we are legion

    1. You know what they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

    2. i hear and see Anonymous quoting Anonymous there

    3. It's becoming a bit confusing. Kind of like having a last name of "Smith".

    4. There was a silly song we came across when we checked out a "cassette" at the library back in the day. The title was Julie Anne Johnson. I haven't thought about that in years. Thanks, Mr. Johnson.

    5. according to there are 21,057 people in the states with the name David Johnson

      it's a good number to hide within, i'm ok with remaining relatively anonymous.

      maybe there's a fault with the database-search-system but i'm finding 0 people in the states with the name Julie Anne Johnson.

    6. i thought there'd be more Steve Smiths in the states, but according to there are only 3,318.

    7. looks like Solid Brother over at TWW is "ignorant" of spelling your name respectfully.

  2. That is one creepy video. I think I'd be upgrading my cyber security right about now if I were Westboro. Nice to know someone may be able to put a little fear in their guts. Though if you look at it in terms of mental illness, the people of Westboro are so seriously mentally ill, or at least their leader is and the others are brainwashed, maybe I should be praying they get help. But then the human side of me wins out, cheers for Anonymous, and hopes they do some damage.

  3. It seems the more the O'Neals open their mouths, and encourage their church members to do the same, the farther down the slippery slope they slide.

    I'm always amazed at how people like that accuse others of the very thing they are guilty of. Like accusing you of being 'harmful.' Hello? So weird.

    I saw this same thing in SGM. CJ Mahaney was proud, but made pride the blanket sin everyone was guilty of. As long as you're proud, he isn't as proud. Why must he come clean if everyone else is dirty.

    Maybe Chuck is one of those good old boys who thinks that because he's a PASTOR, God has given him the power of invincibility and if you have a problem him, you have a problem WITH GOD, who has made Chuck holier than thou?

    Whatever the case, someone needs to fix his rocker because he's clearly fallen off it.

  4. Just like Global Thermonuclear War, or Tic Tac Toe (may be more Chuck's speed), the only way to win is not to play.

  5. I wrote some words for one of my favorite Christmas songs but didn't post them because I thought they might appear to make light of some very serious issues. However, since you mention music, here goes:

    Dear Chuckie is very frightful
    And his blog is all so spiteful
    But there's one thing he should know
    Let it go, let it go, let it go

    1. Well, Craig, I just tested it out (should have lowered the key a notch), but the lyrics work perfectly with the tune. I think I'm going to add some harmonies and teach it to the fam. Thanks so much!


  6. Replies
    1. my laughing like a pig here was supposed to drop under craigvick's little jingle. .

  7. I appreciate that Todd and Ken posted about this issue on their sites. I felt that it was important to make a differentiation between 'spiritual abuse' by a church leader and the issue of 'troublesome congregants' who are in many churches.

    Here is something that I posted on Todd's site which seems to have an appeal for pastors:

    December 21, 2012 at 6:38 pm
    "Thank you for your post on this topic. I would like to draw attention to the difference between the issue of ‘spiritual abuse’ by church leaders and the issue of ‘troublesome congregants’ in churches.

    So often, pastors see issues through the lens of ‘troublesome people’ in their churches. There is no doubt that there are many pastors who have been wounded by hurtful and troublesome congregants. Nevertheless, there has been an increasing awareness about the harm that is caused by authoritarian and legalistic church leaders in stifling church families. They do not understand or walk in the full grace of God and seek to control, rather than minister Christ’s love, to their flock."

  8. Good response, Barb. I felt they weighed in too heavily on the "troublesome congregants" and safely steered clear of the elephant in the room (pastoral abuse) which was the real subject. I found that a bit odd, but maybe I misread them.


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