Sunday, July 22, 2012

No News is Good News?

A number of people have been asking if I've heard anything from the judge on the court hearing.  I have not.  There seems to be confusion regarding when we would hear something.  I heard the judge mention the date of July 23rd and couldn't tell whether that he meant we would hear by the 23rd or if he would mail his ruling by July 23rd.  Since we've heard nothing yet, I'm guessing that he will mail it by the 23rd which would mean we should hear something within a few days after the 23rd.  And all of this anticipation makes me think of that Carly Simon song again - "anticipation, anti-ci-pa-ay-tion, it's keeping me way-ay-ay-ay-ayee-ting"  (come on now, check it out and see if I did the "way" part right - lol - sorry, the musician in me).  

I have so, so appreciated the thoughts and prayers sent my way when I posted my "Rough Time" post. The support is simply amazing.  And wow, the private e-mails have really touched me.  I've told people I wish I could bottle up some of this support and send it out to so many of the hurting people out there who need it far more than me.  I feel spoiled.  Thank you.

Buff and Jamie, I purposely did not respond to your post about taking time away from the blog.  I am going to do that now, not because I feel the need to emotionally, but because of other reasons and the timing is actually good.   It will be a good diversion.  My daughter is going to a church high school camp and I was asked to volunteer as counselor.  

I've never been a camp counselor before and told the person who asked me that I was a bit nervous.  She told me, "Julie Anne, you do this every day when you volunteer at your high school choir classes."  Hmm, I hadn't thought of it like that.  I've volunteered for the last 4 years as "choir mom", chaperone for trips, and accompanist at the local high school and it has always been a joy to work with the students.  This high school camp will be a wonderful opportunity to be with my sweet daughter in a great environment and also to make myself available to any young ladies in my cabin or other high schoolers at camp.  I'm actually quite excited about this opportunity.  Sometimes these camp experiences can really shape a young person's life in a powerful way and if God wants to use me there, I'm happy to be a part of that.  I know the people running it - great godly people with hearts of gold, love the Lord, so that makes me look forward to it even more.

So I will be absent a good bit from the blog this week.  I want to be fully available to those precious teens.  My husband and son are moderating comments while I am away and I may check in depending on time and internet availability.  There's a possibility my husband may write a post.  Whoa, wouldn't that be fun?  The husband who gave me permission to post speaks?  haha  

Now, about the judge's decision - I suspect it will come in when I'm away at camp.  My attorney knows how to contact me here.  When I find something out, I will try to get a post out.  I can definitely send a Tweet (the link to follow me on Twitter is on my right sidebar).  I have notified  Dee of Wartburg Watch that I will be away.  I'm sure she will post the news if she sees it.  

I'm not worried about the court case one bit.  God has it under control.  I trust Him no matter the outcome.


  1. Enjoy, Julie Anne! Sounds like a great way to spend some time.

    1. Thank you, Jamie. I have a great group of young ladies.

  2. Mr. Smith might write a post? Hey Fred Butler, come on out from wherever you've hiding? Come on down for a smackdown! Or I should say another smackdown. lol.

    1. I wouldn't put it outside the realm of possibility that proof will be required to show it is not you pretending to be him pretending that he gave you permission to let him post on your blog....

  3. I told God on him (Fred Buttler). I wonder if he has been quiet because he has been thinking... Truthfully, I am glad that he has been quiet. He brought up many feelings that I've been asking God to heal. Julie Ann, have a great time at camp!

  4. I'm ready for Mr. Smith to tell Fred how it is. In love...yes, in love, but how it is!

  5. God's timing is always perfect~what a wonderful place for you to love children in truth and without works is dead.
    You relax and let your light shine forth dear sister,
    peace to you....
    btw~not really much relaxation when counseling at high school camp but wonderful memories and laughter for sure!! You deserve the break momma bear~
    talk to you soon and have fun with Grace

  6. RE: Fred Butler

    My wife hates to drive Fred's blog stats up, but still reads his 3 blogs "once in a blue moon"...

    We just took a look at his Twitter feed: "emrods" (1 Samuel 5:9)

    adolescent OT "tee-hee joke" link to KJV AV 1611 dictionary word:

    KJV Dictionary Definition: emerods

    Julie Anne, my wife says Fred posted this, B4 you put up Carly Simon singing (she noticed Carly is wearing pants in this video).

    Fred Butler said:(quote)

    "For the atheist women, they ain't too keen on fashion and beauty tips. They lean more toward the stringy haired, unshaven, pants wearing view of life."

    "Second. When it comes to the atheist men, we're not necessarily dealing with suave, debonair gentleman dressed for success. Its mostly a room full of scruffy, ponytail guys with borderline Asperger's." (end quote)

    At the risk of driving Fred's blog stats up, I decided my wife was right - I need to post the link to Fred's post on WHINING WIMMIN atheists. Monday stress relief and destined to be a "classic". And since I quoted him, under "fair use copy right law" I need to link:

    "...Atheist women complaining they're being sexually harassed at atheist conventions."

    Fred Butler blog link:

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Julie Anne, my wife thinks you should consider giving the camp girls advice on hair and shaving - you know, the Christian "girl grooming talk"! (She didn't think you had TV make-up artists for those TV interviews, and said you put together your own wardrobe.)

    I'll be interested in Mr. Smith's post, along with a few other "suave, debonair" Christian gentlemen who support you and your home school girlfriends.

    Done bloggin', off to my real job. (Clean shaven, business casual.)

    1. Standby ...
      Maybe I can lock the five boys in a room for a couple hours with an Ephesians 1:16 Bible study after work while I draft this one. Might take longer than that.

    2. Take your time,wouldn't recommend 5 boys in 1 room for 2 hrs.

      I know you're just kidding, because 5 home school boys would be finished with an Ephesians 1:16 Bible study in less than 20 minutes. 20 ÷ 5 = 4 minutes. (Just a logical guess.)

      5 boys. Plus one Dad = 6. "What team sport has 6 players?"

      I think you're far enough north of the equator to have ice.

      Hockey--Center, Right Wing, Left Wing, 2 defense men, and a Goalie

      Maybe a Dad would play Goalie? That's a "catch-all" position.

    3. Hey there Steve!

      please know that every time I pray for Julie Anne I pray for you, as you two are one.

      Is this an all boys week at the Smith's house?

      You know what they say: When the mom's away...

    4. When the mom's away...the family appreciates her so much more!

    5. You a mom? Anonymous One? You JA in disguise? perhaps?


  7. While high school camp can be exhausting, I pray that you will experience it as a time for renewal. It's nice that you're able to get away from the blogging craziness for a while and just be crazy with high school kids.

  8. You've been in the middle of this court case for so long, it wouldn't be a bad thing if you just try to let your mind leave it during this week at camp. The decision will come at the right time. From experience, a getaway like this might be just what you need. Enjoy a week with your daughter and the other campers.

  9. I know you are at camp, but I bet I am not the only one checking in multiple times a day this week to see if anything has been posted about this!!

    Sending you good thoughts every single day. :-)


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