Church Trends and Influences

This new page is dedicated to trends and influences in the church community and homeschool movement.   These are links that I found helpful investigating the topics (some pro and con).  I will be adding much more.  If you have links to add to any topics, please feel free to leave a comment and I will update the list.  Thanks! ~ja

Family Integrated Churches (FIC):
Defined:  A family integrated church is one in which parents and children attend church services together, children stay all through church services (without attending Sunday school or children's ministries) and organised groups and activities for children and youth are non-existent. Timothy Paul Jones notes that in the family-integrated ministry model, "all age-graded classes and events are eliminated."[1] Other terms used are family discipleship churches,family-centered ministry and inclusive-congregational ministry. (


  1. Julie, your readers might be interested in listening toe the series of podcasts I did recently on the FIC featuring several guests, including Shawn Mathis. Keep up your great work!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Karen. I haven't talked a whole lot about FIC yet here, but it certainly is part of the homeschool movement. I'm going to check out your podcasts.


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