Sunday, May 6, 2012

Still, My Soul Be Still

Still, Be Still My  Soul

A  friend sent me this song.  I listened.   I wept.  So beautiful, so soothing, sooooo what I needed to hear.  

I was talking on the phone with a former church member about music this week.  We discussed how sometimes it's difficult to hear certain songs because there is an emotional attachment with them.  Sometimes that attachment is not a positive one and hearing a particular song will bring back a flood of memories.  If it is a positive experience, that is fun to relive those memories.  It gives you joy, puts a smile on your face.  If the song takes you back to negative experiences, especially in a case like this church experience, where the memories are so, so painful, it can really affect someone not only for the duration of the song, but long afterward.  It's like a flashback and all of those horrible memories come flooding into remembrance.   A natural response would be to avoid whatever "triggers" you. 

I encouraged this dear one to dust off the musical instrument and sing.  Make a new song unto the Lord!  (Friend, I know you are reading, this song would be a great start!)

We may have suffered pain and loss, but God has the victory.  Let's not let that pain rob us of joy of our worship of Him in song.  If we need to replace some songs that bring back so many bad memories, so be it.  Let's start anew!

Here are the lyrics to Still, My Soul Be Still:
Still my soul be still, and do not fear though winds of change may rage tomorrow.
God is at your side, no longer dread the fires of unexpected sorrow.
God You are my God, and I will trust in You and not be shaken.
Lord of peace renew a steadfast spirit within me to rest in You alone.
Still my soul be still, do not be moved by lesser lights and fleeting shadows.
Hold onto His ways with shield of faith against temptations flaming arrows.
Still my soul be still, do not forsake the Truth you learned in the beginning.
Wait upon the Lord and hope will rise as stars appear when day is dimming.
Words and Music by Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend


  1. Julie Anne, thank you for writing about this song. I found your post in the early hours of the morning. The words mean a great deal to me, so much so that I posted my own explanation.

  2. Thank you for letting me know! Music really ministers to my soul.


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