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This blog has been set up primarily as a safe haven for those who suffered at the hands of the pastor and/or members (perhaps unknowingly) of Beaverton Grace Bible Church.  If you would like me to post your story, please send to:   Because of the nature of this situation, I understand that some will want to remain anonymous and I fully respect that choice.

As I have gone through this process personally and have read books, scoured the internet for understanding of what we went through, I am aware that others who may not have gone to BGBC will venture upon the site.  You may read something here that sounds very similar to your church experience, just as I did on other blogs/websites.  You are free to comment and respond, too.  Sadly, this is not an isolated church experience and my heart goes out to you, too!  You are not alone.

When you post anonymously on my Blogger blog, I am unable to see any identifiable information (ISP addresses, etc), so please know that this is a safe place to share your story or comment.

If you have ideas for discussion, please send them along to:

* * * * Update 1/2/13:   I have a new blog www.spiritualsoundingboard  Come check it out!


  1. "When you post anonymously on my Blogger blog, I am unable to see any identifiable information (ISP addresses, etc), so please know that this is a safe place to share your story or comment."

    That is true in your case, but it isn't true in Google's case. They keep a record of every ISP that visits every Blog Spot blog.

  2. Hi, I just left a comment and can't remember if I used anonymous or not. If I did not, would you please not publish it?

    Also, take print screens of EVERYTHING you come across that the pastor or the church do or say. :-)

  3. Here's a whopper... So you take an addict who's only a year into his sobriety and make him a pastor of a Assembly of God start up. Very exciting, high energy, meet every need of your flock (as long as they tow the line). Add 4 years, a 15 year old teen and a bunch of elders who would rather save the money making church and the soul of the pastor by acknowledging his transgretion and healing him than fire him, report to CPS, help the mother of the teen understand what is appropriate adult behavior and get councelling for the 15 year old.

    His wife and children were demonized for not seeking forgiveness and compassion for him. Those that were sickened by the situation and chose to leave were demonized in the community at large and not accepted by other Assembly churches or the Community churches that had cross over congregations.

    Nothing was done. He was allowed to marry the 15 year old.

  4. Hey Julie Anne,

    I read about the dismissal of the defamation suit on Christian Post and had to check out the story for myself. Honestly, I came to your blog expecting to find a malcontent. You know, a bitter, smarter than the rest of us, too cool for school (uh, I mean church) kind of gal. Instead, I met a tender-hearted and brave woman. I am very sorry for the pain this journey has caused you and your family. I will pray you and your family and that your story will help others. Our God is faithful and His word never returns void.

    1. Thank you. This journey is tough enough without added drama. I just can't go there. So many of us are in this difficult journey. I appreciate your comment.


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