Monday, April 9, 2012

My Name

 I previously listed my user ID on this blog as "Free".  Free expressed how I feel now that I am no longer held captive emotionally and spiritually.   I set up the blog quickly and hadn't thought through the implications of revealing my identity.  Now I've had some time.  My original Google review listed my first name.  Chuck O'Neal listed me by my first name in his  reviews (not always spelled correctly, btw). 

I typically use a pseudonym for online purposes, but in this case and because of the possible publicity involved, I think it's important to clearly identify who I am especially since there are three others named in the lawsuit.  So Julie Anne it is.    Please note the spelling (Ann is not naked - it requires an "e" - just like the queens in royalty and of course, who can forget Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables).  They are two separate names.  And if you call me Julie without the Anne, I may not respond  :)   Just so you know. . . .

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