Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lessons on How to Truly Love

A former church member sent me a note about this song and expressed how much it meant:  

"I was thinking how much this song really mirrors our story.  It made me cry when I watched the video on YouTube.  We are happy and blessed to be free from lofty people and lofty judgments.   
May we never "lose" another soul in the shadow of the steeple!
I've been learning many lessons on how to truly love . . . . . ."

And Julie Anne said:  AMEN, friend!!!  Thank you for sending it to me!

Have a wonderful Lord's day! 


  1. sad song, in many respects

    made me cry

  2. So true… so many people still at 'those churches' being wounded. We try to tell them but they don't want to hear……...

  3. This song always reminds me of one of the most horrifying moments of my Christian life. The worship service had just started and a young mother and her son of maybe eight years of age came in and sat down in the pew in front of me. She appeared to be partially supporting his weight as they came in, almost like dragging him. Everyone is standing up singing but they are sitting down and that seemed to enrage Marvin, one of the ushers that morgining. He strutted over, reached down and very roughly snatched this little guys baseball cap off his head and snarled, "can't you even stand up to sing for the Lord!"

    The little guy tensed up and buried his totally bald head into his mother's shoulder. His mother's posture immediately sunk down looking like someone that was just attacked. About that time I noticed this huge scare on the side and back of his little head. Obviously the ball cap was to obscure the effects of his illness but instead it offended Marvin's man made code of "southern values" about men wearing a hat inside. Many emotions shot through me in the 3-4 seconds of this occurrence but I stood up and took the ball cap from Marvin and moved up a pew putting myself between these people and Marvin. I looked over at the boy and said I like the Red Socks too and I like your hat, placing his ball cap back on his head. Then I sat there the rest of the service and did everything I could to keep from losing it and crying. The grief I felt in that moment was just overwhelming. When the service concluded I talked with them and attempted to apologize for what occurred and then it dawned on me, that honest is the best policy. I looked the kid in the eye and told him, don't worry about people like that, he is just an idiot. I made it out of church that day without saying a word to Marvin. I was very proud of that accomplishment until he showed up at the same Olive Garden after church and walked right by our table. Then It all came out, "Marvin that little guy had cancer and you are a pharisee and a total as-----". Strangely I felt better after that but sadly I never saw that little boy and his mother again. Sometimes I think about them and situations like these and then I remember why I quit going to church five years ago. I'm embarrassed to say it but it was the best decision I have ever made. Getting away from church people brought me such a sense of peace. Oh and Mr. Marvin, he had to step down from ushering when his Southern Bell Daughter got pregant out of wedlock.

    1. As you tell the story, Andy, I'm confident that your love and attention made a difference to that kid.

      some church people are just so unbelievably clueless and insensitive!

    2. Andy, thanks a lot - - I think whatever leftover mascara I had on my eyelashes this morning is now smeared down my face. What a touching story. Thank you so much for posting it.

      What a powerful act of love you did for that mother and son. Bravo! And especially for confronting the guy at the restaurant.

      See . . . . it's that kind of hypocrisy that gets in the way of Christ - - - all these man-made rules. I, too, wonder whatever happened with this precious mother and son.


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