Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wolf Alert!!

It's been a bit heavy here.  We need a diversion.  Yes, let's talk about wolves - the animal kind.  Thanks you, monax, for posting this story in the comments:

For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.  Acts 20:29 

Swiss sheep to be outfitted to cry ‘wolf’ by text message 

GENEVA, Switzerland — Using sheep to alert shepherds of an imminent wolf attack by text message might sound fanciful, but testing is already under way in Switzerland where the predator appears to be back. 
“It’s the first time that such a system has been tried outdoors,” said biologist Jean-Marc Landry, who took part in testing on a Swiss meadow this week. 
In the trial, reported by the country’s news agency ATS, around 10 sheep were each equipped with a heart monitor before being targeted by a pair of Wolfdogs — both of which were muzzled. 
During the experiment, the change in the flock’s heartbeat was found to be significant enough to imagine a system whereby the sheep could be fitted with a collar that releases a repellant to drive the wolf away, while also sending an SMS to the shepherd. 
The device is aimed at owners of small flocks who lack the funds to keep a sheepdog, Landry said, adding that it could also be used in tourist areas where guard dogs are not popular. 
A prototype collar is expected in the autumn and testing is planned in Switzerland and France in 2013. Other countries including Norway are said to be interested. 
The issue of wolves is a divisive one in Switzerland where the animals appear to be back after a 100-year absence. 
On July 27 a wolf killed two sheep in St Gall, the first such attack in the eastern canton.

And while that was going on in Switzerland.  Look what was going on in my neighborhood recently - as if we didn't have enough wolves around here:

Us sheep need to learn the sound of the wolf.  Take a listen here.  BTW, my cat actually came up to my chair and put her front paws on the arm of the chair to see what was going on.  I'm playing it again and she's looking disturbed.  May we all be disturbed at the sound of a wolf.

The haunting howl of the wolf  Feeding the haunting, almost mystical perception of the wolf, is its howl. It can be heard deep into the night, and is often associated with danger in the human psyche. Hunters that have encountered the wolf are often struck by the intelligence in its eyes. It has been said, -"a wolf takes your stare and turns it back on you". The Bella Coola Indians believe that someone tried to change all the animals into men, but succeeded in making human, only the eyes of the wolf. The deadly stare of the wolf has made cowards of many brave men.  

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has captured video of a wolf pup howling with other members of its pack in northeastern Oregon. 
The department posted the video on its website. 
It shows a pup by itself in a forested area. Its howls are answered by other wolves in the distance. 
Department spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy says the video was captured by a biologist on July 25. 
The pup is a member of the Snake River pack, which was first observed in October in the Snake River wildlife management unit, which borders Idaho and includes the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and Wilderness. 
Dennehy says biologists on Thursday successfully fitted the first member of the pack with a radio-tracking collar. 
Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.


  1. Note to Dohse: this wolf story comes out of GENEVA

    loved the video, ja

  2. Too bad every sex offender wasn't fitted with a collar so they could be tracked the rest of their lives.

    1. What makes you any better? Aren't you too saved by grace? If God could forgive a murderer like Paul or Moses and use them, the grace of God can use a sex offender. And it takes just as much grace to save you and me as it does to save a serial child molester.

    2. Did Dale/Faith say that God couldn't forgive a sex offender or that a sex offender could not be saved by grace? I'm confused by your statement. Do you believe sex offenders should face consequences for their crimes? Our court system does when tried and convicted.

    3. Of course those are all sins, but God is pretty clear about what will happen to those who harm children (millstone?). Why would God make special note of that? If He does, shouldn't we? I

      I believe in miracles, but I haven't heard of rehabilitated pedophiles. Have you? Any pedophile who is truly remorseful and has come to grips with the gravity of their offenses would gladly wear a tracking device - why? because they know they are weak and it is not only for the protection of children, but for themselves.

      Oh, and btw, tracking doesn't prevent someone from doing a crime - it just shows where they are.

    4. Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne were Puritan, not Catholic...although why that matters I am not sure. There's a massive difference in the eyes of the law of the land between acts between consensual adults such as the relationship between these two fictional characters, and acts committed against a child too young to give consent and in many if not all cases defenseless.

      Shout out to Mrs Jennings and Junior High School English Lit for teaching us so much about the Scarlet Letter :-)

  3. I think I know what the wolf was saying. He said, "Hey fellow wolves. I need to be relocated to a new flock of sheep to feed on. This flock here caught me plagiarizing another wolf's sermons, and they are leaving my moneypit, (oops I mean church). They are leaving MY church. Hurry, I need a new flock, before the money dries up and I am forced out by a vote of confidence. If you don't hurry they are gonna audit the finances and I might end up in jail, or worse, I might have to give the sheep back some of their money."

    To which the other wolves replied, "You just gonna have to wait. Sexual predators take priority. We have to get the sexual predators moved around first. Pedophilia takes priority over you stupid sermon thieves".

  4. that's actually pretty funny. how'd that bit of humor get past the censors? why don't you get a name Anonymous? own up to it. i'd like to know you. good stuff, Anonymous August 4, 2012 3:05 PM, good stuff!

    1. monax - It got past the "censors" because so much of it rang true to me. I suspect Anon 3:05 is a former BGBC member.

  5. Hi monax, and Julie Anne, I am Annonymous 4, 2012 3:05 PM. Sorry JA but I am not a member, nor ever even been to BGBC. I am a Christian. That is my only creed. Christ in us - that is our only hope, and our only statement of faith. The bit of satire I wrote about above is what I have seen at several SBC synagogue of satan buildings. I am a preacher. I have preached in both the SBC and IFB settings and I have seen this kind of sermon stealing plagiarism going on everywhere. George Mueller did it one time in his career and he said the holy spirit convicted him that it was wrong, but some of these guys can do it for years. Maybe the difference is, that George Mueller had the Spirit to lead him. The institutional religious machine has already become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird (Revelation 18:2) And they move unrepentant pedophile's all over the place rather than institute church discipline and deliver them over to the authorities. That said though, I agree with the comments above, if a pedophile or any other sinner repents and shows evidence of conversion, we must accept them as a brother in Christ, and not mark them based on their past sins, because we are all unworthy sinners apart from grace.
    The problem with sexual predators is easily avoided if we would follow biblical patterns for doing church, instead of the traditions of men. Where does the Bible tell you to divide your family up by ages when you get to "church". First of all, it is not about going to church. We are to "BE" the church. We split our families when we attend these habitation of devils, and it gives predators easy access to our children behind closed doors of the "youth group" or the "childrens church" both of which are unbiblical. It is the parents job to teach the kids (good on ya for home schooling JA) and it is our job to teach the God's word. We dont need a "specially trained professional clergyman" to do that). When you meet with other believers (in homes like the early church) the entire family learn together (just like was the biblical order in the first place). Protect your children. Do not put them into Sunday School, kiddie church, or youth groups. These things are ripe for sexual predators, and not how God wants the family to learn together.

    1. Hi TBOLF - thanks for commenting. I can tell you have been through and seen a lot from your comment.

      There are a lot of problems in institutional churches, but I'm not ready to throw them all out as our last church was probably the most healthy place I've been. I saw love, grace, they didn't mince words on sin and people were growing spiritually.

      I'll accept a pedophile as a brother if I see evidence, but I'm also going to expect that they will voluntarily put up their own safeguards.

      The other day I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with a sweet lady from TX who was going through a rough time because of spiritual abuse - in a home church. No church (institutional or even in homes) is exempt from false teachers or wolves. Not all Sunday schools, kiddie churches, or youth groups are bad. Some are bad. I was recently at a high school camp as a counselor and could see that if a camp had bad people in charge any number of problems could occur (from false teaching, sex abuse, etc). But my experience at that camp showed that with godly leaders, a camp experience can be life-changing for a kid if God chooses to use that opportunity.

      I agree completely with you about "being" the church. That is so true! And I also agree that we don't always need specially trained clergy. God speaks to us all through His word.

    2. "The problem with sexual predators is easily avoided if we would follow biblical patterns for doing church, instead of the traditions of men. Where does the Bible tell you to divide your family up by ages when you get to "church". First of all, it is not about going to church. We are to "BE" the church. "

      Where exactly in the Bible does it say "Thou shalt worship and learn as on family unit. There shall be no separation of ages or sexes."? CON promoted the family togetherness thing and this hideousness still happened.

      I have experienced in churches a lack of tolerance for disruption, be it by an unruly baby, a chattering teen or a developmentally delayed preschooler. I find it a true sacrifice to God when someone is willing to teach and play with my child for an hour and so that I can listen to the sermon and worship my God. The woman who gives up her Sunday morning to minister to my ASD son is being "the church" to me and displaying the sacrificial love of Christ. It is a wonderfully appreciated service to God.

      The problem I had with BGBC is that disruption was frowned upon, even discriminated against. They did not want the little ones to make noise (maybe so as not to get on CON's recordings???), but they also did not fill the time in nursery with anything of God, other than some songs on a CD.

      Only when everyone attending is willing to suffer the little children - all of them, not just the passive ones - will your mandate fly with me. And before you accuse me of not disciplining my children, you should spend some time with a special needs child. You haven't walked in my shoes.

  6. TBOLF (The Other Other Tom?)

    I embrace the simplicity of your statement of faith. I think it accords well with the simple declaration of the gospel found in Acts 16:16-40. When the Philippian Jailer asked, “What must I do to be saved?” The simple answer was: “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

    Christ in us, the Hope of Glory! Yes, He is the foundation and source of our eternal life. And we progressively build on that foundation and become in faith and love and life a glorious expression of God’s perfect pleasure. How do we know this? The Book tells us so, and the Spirit confirms the Word with His Presence.

    When we talk about these things and endeavor to figure out God’s will for our lives, for His Church, As we discern how God wants us to “do” and “be” Church, What informs us? Ultimately Scripture, but we are also led in the Spirit into expressions of doing and being church which are remarkably edifying and beautiful and just right for the moment. No Spirit-directed expression of church is un-biblical, However, much of its reality may very well be extra-biblical—like a special ministry that separates children by maturity. [[ personal note on this: within the church I’ve worked with all ages. At times it is good to separate the pre-schoolers from the rest; and I believe it is often good when it comes to times of teaching and discussing spiritual and everyday realities that we separate the older children from the younger, in many cases it’s good to have the older children with the adults. Sometimes it’s even good to separate the men from the woman depending on the occasion. Having said that, it is incumbent upon us all to come together and worship and work and live life together in a unified community. Personally, I don’t like the common divisions we have in church by years and grades. When I was a young boy the most edifying studies I participated in was with the adults. ]] But here’s my point: Not all church traditions that are extra-biblical are necessarily un-biblical or wrong.

    You write: The institutional religious machine has already become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird (Revelation 18:2).

    I have to agree with you, with one qualification. In a real sense there are collective expressions of the Body of Christ which are true and sound and foundationally biblical, and possess an institutionalized structure. This, of course, brings up the question of polity, of ecclesiology. There are true and sound Baptist and Presbyterian and Anglican (to name a few) expressions of Church that are held together as an institution, a corporation—if you will, which etymologically means “persons united in a body for some purpose,” an “embodiment” of (in our case) Christ. The institution must be sound, but even when it is the problems arise (as JA rightly observes) when we have unsound, unqualified leadership at the helm.

    I was just reading Art Nelson on Spiritual Authority. He writes: It is possible in our work to stand with Christ in terms of doctrine and, yet, stand with Satan in terms of authority... Spiritual authority has nothing to do with being great or exercising authority over people but instead is service to others. Natural or worldly authority seeks to be served and exercise authority over as many people as possible, whereas spiritual authority seeks to serve others and never seeks to exercise authority over people.

    1. I love this, TBOLF, precisely what you wrote here: First of all, it is not about going to church. We are to "BE" the church.

      I believe it’s ripe time for me to participate in a conversation on what it means to do and be church. And I think it high time that many of the institutionalized idols within the church be demolished. Looks like we’re moving in the direction of a spiritual forum. TBOLF, when the forum structure is in place: I hope you’ll participate in a discussion with us toward defining what a true expression of Church is.

      Fwiw, in the last message I preached on Worldview and Story I drew heavily from an (mp3) message on Story I heard Donald Miller give at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids. I acknowledged this, even quoted Miller directly. Yes, some of the best sermons draw from the best sermons of others, but we need, of course, in our teachings to acknowledge our debt to those who have taught us.

      I loved your satire. Smartly written. Sharply instructive. Would love to see more good stuff from you.


    2. monax wrote - "I believe it’s ripe time for me to participate in a conversation on what it means to do and be church."

      Here is a great and humorous article on that very thing.

    3. Anonymous - That is a very thought-provoking article.

    4. that was exceptionally good! a wonderful slap of reality! Anonymous August 5, 2012 4:57 PM . . . , sincerly, thanks for educating me, cluing me into this. .was some of the best stuff i’ve read in long time. i loved ‘the pretend meal’ thing! made me laugh. .hilarious, `cause it’s so unbelievably true. i’ve bookmarked the site. so who’s R.K.? this should definitely be posted in the upcoming forum.

      please, however, respect JA’s wishes and refrain from using the Anonymous as your user ID

      i’d like you to put on a face and take a name so i can remember you. .again, thanks for that!

      “The time is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” ((Jesus in John 4:23-24))

    5. R. A is Ray Kane. Yeas it is a good site.

  7. Er, Did I miss the rapture? Where did everybody go? Wolves are gone now, I think. Sheeple, come on out of hiding.

    1. People are definitely reading, but you're right, it has been quiet.

  8. Julie Anne, I"m here and listening . I"ve been thinking about how our two daughters have been treated by "a man from or in the church." I am encouraged that Fred wrote the letter and posted it on his blog. The man who hurt my daughter says to this day that, "it did not happen." No restoration has ever taken place. So, I used the experience and wrote a book.... (I did mail you books today.). In both cases what amazes me is that making the situations right took effort. Fred wrote on your wall, tried to explain why he did what he did instead of just saying "I am sorry. I wrote hurtful and untruthful things. Will you forgive me?" As a leader I would EXPECT these two men to know how to say they are sorry and know what it takes to restore the one or ones they hurt. The need or desire to be right or the passion to have the last word, has no place in the hearts or actions of a leader. Even though Fred had to be asked, he has taken steps. I am hopeful he learns from this situation and discovers what a ministry it is when someone who has been hurt is valued enough to be restored.


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