Friday, October 19, 2012

Attorney Susan Burke representing Plaintiffs in Sovereign Grace Ministries Lawsuit Gives Radio Interview

Susan Burke, the attorney representing the plaintiffs moms/victims in the Sovereign Grace Lawsuit gives a radio interview on Janet Mefferd Show.  It is about 20 minutes long.  The interview is excellent.

Some of the topics you will hear:

The church's focus on reconciliation:  3-yr old sex abuse victim is forced to reconcile with the abuser  

The church interfered and discouraged families from reporting crimes to secular authorities, police, etc.

SGM instills fear and distrust of secular authorities:  teachers, police, judicial system

There are more victims who have come forward and contacted the attorney.  

There is no empathy for the child victims.  

Case #369721

JA Note:  Other blog posts I have covered on Sovereign Grace Ministries Abuse can be found here:  Sovereign Grace Ministries Abuse

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  1. Janet has some great topics!

    This is such a horrific story.

    I've noticed a trend among some of my friends though (who are not church leaders), that they don't look kindly on anyone who is trying to bring some clever surreptitious troublemaker or abuser to justice. They also seem to REALLY have a problem with bringing the law to bear on people who are in blatant sin even if they are the one who was abused. My theory: they think that acting against this kind of behavior means they are taking revenge or being unforgiving. They don't think about the next victim. It's sad, it's not always the leaders who do this. But they were taught this by the leaders. Forgiveness is good, but sometimes the most LOVING and (ironically) FORGIVING thing you can do for the perpetrator is (not in anger or bitterness, though you certainly will have those emotions because we aren't perfect) bring the law to bear on them, so that they might see their sin and repent!


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