Saturday, October 20, 2012

Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier Lawsuit Against Son: Plea for Help

Alex Grenier is being sued by his step-father, Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia for defamation, cyber-bullying, libel.   Here are a couple of posts I have done on this story:

Pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel to File Defamation Lawsuit Against Son and Blogger?

Calvary Chapel Pastor Pastor Bob Grenier: Stories of Abuse As Told by His Children

Alex could use our help and I want to help spread the word.  I remember exactly what it was like to  receive a subpoena and not have an attorney.   There are many unknowns.  Alex is dealing with another very big hurdle I did not have to deal with - - the plaintiffs are his own parents.   Obviously, this is taking an emotional toll, but court deadlines do not revolve around emotional challenges and Alex must trudge forward quickly.  Alex represents what so many of us have experienced in church abuse.  Please be in prayer and support Alex and Tim (other defendant) in any way you can - leaving a comment at Alex's site is simple, yet so encouraging.  Alex will be putting up a Paypal donation link on the site shortly.  I have copied this blog post from Calvary Chapel Abuse's site.  

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Yesterday, the weight of being sued for speaking out about child abuse and corruption in the church by my own Mother and my Calvary Chapel Pastor and Visalia Police Department Chaplain step-dad Bob Grenier, really took a toll. I spent some time (metaphorically) on the mat, if you will. I took a solid punch to the gut, I won’t lie.

It’s time to get up off the mat and get to work on this. I didn’t take all this on to quit when it got tough, but I’m not superman, this is really daunting and as humbling as it is, I am not up for this on my own…I need help. I need help from you in prayer, support, leg-work, getting the word out about the lawsuit and asking for help, lobbying the media to cover the story and I need your help financially to help fund the defense and counter-suit and I need your help finding a really good attorney who will partner with me on a contingency or partial-contingency basis to fight this all the way.

There are a couple of easier options available…anti-SLAPP and/or a motion to dismiss due to expiration of Statue of Limitations dates of when the alleged defamation/libel first entered the public. I don’t want to take the easier options (still not easy by no means, still difficult and time consuming and trying, but easier than the really hard long expensive battle). I want to have my days in court and fully answer all the charges against me and prove my case and counter-sue and prove my case there as well.
I am willing to pay back any money that is donated if we win and recover money (which I believe we will). I don’t want the money for me, I want to be able to fight for the causes I hold dear and for all the others (including myself and my family) who have been hurt in this situation. I don’t want the real bully getting away with silencing those who are speaking out against him. I don’t want others fearful of being sued if they speak out against child abuse and corruption in the church, THAT is a frightening proposition, THAT will enable more abuse and empower abusers.
PLEASE STAND WITH ME. Please help me.
Your input is very much appreciated.
I am working on getting a paypal link up in this article for donations to fund the legal defense and potential counter-suit.


  1. Southwestern DiscomfortOctober 23, 2012 at 7:06 PM

    I really sympathize with Alex Grenier's position, I really, really do. (There is nothing like getting sent a letter via Fedex from a New York lawyer representing a space alien cult to put some serious fear in you!) And I truly understand Alex's desire to have his day in court.

    That said, Alex should/needs to/MUST take advantage of the legal system and get the case dismissed either as an anti-SLAPP case or outside the statute of limitations. I say this because being the defendant in a case like this and wanting to "have your day in court" is not a good combination at all. I've see what happens up close and personal and the lawsuit WILL take over your life (to say nothing of your finances).

    My strongly-worded suggestion to Alex would be to get out from underneath this case as quickly as possible in whatever way possible that does not compromise his own position. If Alex can use anti-SLAPP or statute of limitations or First Amendment rights, DO IT. Attempting to use this lawsuit "for great justice" (as the Anonymous people would say) is not going to work.

    I hate to be such a party pooper but I've seen people's lives take unfortunate detours because they thought they could take on a religious group (particularly with little or no funding). It's a disaster.

    1. SD - I will pass along your message to Alex. Last I've heard, both defendants are in the process of looking for attorneys. They have 30 days from receipt of the subpoena so they should have some time to make a good choice.


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