Monday, October 8, 2012

Pastor Edwin Young, Faith Tabernacle, Jordan Young Information

A few weeks ago, I took a detour on the blog and posted a few articles on the Faith Tabernacle fiasco in Junction City, Kansas.   I continue to get a lot of search hits from people looking for:   Faith Tabernacle, Edwin Young, Jordan Young, Oneness Pentecostal, UPC, etc.  The articles highlighted sexual abuse, the poor treatment of women, spiritual abuse, legalism:

Buh-Bye Pastor Edwin Young 
How Did Pastor Edwin Young Treat Women? 
Jordan Young Arrested Yet Again and Faith Tabernacle

Because of the continued traffic to my site searching for information,  I would like to highly recommend these two sites:

The fairly new blog,  Through Grace Alone, is written by a former member who recounts her experiences and thoughts.  This is an excellent blog.  If you have been churches like Faith Tabernacle, UPC, Oneness Pentacostal, Apostolic background, you will very likely connect with so much of what she has to share.  In fact, anyone who has suffered spiritual abuse will certainly find similar connections with the spiritual abuse journey.  The spiritual abuse journey is very similar, regardless of the church/cult background.  She has a great heart and searches for the truth.  I appreciate what she is doing:

The blog is not for gossip. What happened recently with my former pastor’s resignation has deeply affected me, even though I’m not there. Unfortunately, I was shunned when I left. There is no one I can call for facts, no way to know exactly what is happening. Yet I was there for long enough that I still picture what might be happening and how people may react. I still feel the pain of their discovery. However, from the outside looking in, I also feel the release from the labels that were placed on me. It’s an odd situation to find myself in.
This blog is not written to debate. It doesn’t represent an attempt to turn people away from what they believe, but to offer those who feel they must leave some hope. Leaving a church or an organization doesn’t have to mean leaving God. The heavens are God’s throne and the earth is His footstool. He’s much bigger than a building or organization. If you leave a building, fellowship, or organization, remember He promised never to leave or forsake you. No matter what.

Another excellent resource with quite a lot of documentation, videos, first-hand accounts is

Lois has been compiling information over the years on these particular groups.  I highly recommend visiting this site.   The focus is on spiritual abuse, with a secondary focus on United Pentecostal Church.  This site has the most comprehensive information on UPC I have ever seen.    Please check it out.  I pray that God will use these sites as you search and seek the truth.  

~Julie Anne

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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