Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sovereign Grace Crisis Timeline and More Resources

I have been getting quite a few hits to the site from people searching for info regarding Sovereign Grace Ministries.  Jenn Grover put together a fantastic timeline based on Brent Detwiler's "The Documents" sent to pastors, which were then leaked to the internet:  SGMWikileaks.

Be sure to go to click on "View in Dipity" to get more information on each event. 

This is a timeline of the details outlined in "The Documents" that Brent Detwiler wrote to address longstanding issues within SGM and with C.J. Mahaney as well as relevant SGM historical data. I have updated the timeline with major events as the crisis has continued to unfold. This timeline was developed for the benefit of those who were unable to read through all of Brent's documents and to provide a visual aid for piecing the events together. This is not intended to be an exhaustive argument in any fashion; that has been accomplished in Brent's documents. Where possible, links to the source material have been provided. Every attempt has been made to provide an accurate representation of Brent's documents and SGM historical information. If you believe that there are inaccuracies please indicate in the comments the title of the entry, the date, and the relevant corrections. I will not moderate comments on this, but please consider keeping your comments limited to the timeline as opposed to your view of SGM, Brent, or C.J. There are plenty of other places on the web already available for this type of dialogue. Additional media content (relevant photos, video, and audio) may be added to the timeline. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional media content to add. Thanks to Eric Grover and Brent Detwiler for editorial review input.
Created by JennGrover on Jul 26, 2011

You may find more articles on my blog regarding:  Sovereign Grace Ministries Abuse

Sovereign Grace Ministries Lawsuit: A Victim's Mom Speaks  I am in touch with one of the victim's moms and she is keeping me informed of how she is doing with updates.  Here is the first installment.  Please stop by and offer some encouragement to the victims' families of this lawsuit.  

Here is a list of more personal stories that has compiled.  


  1. This blog and other like it continually remind me of how broken we are -- people as well as churches.

    Then I remember Paul's letters to the Corinthians (we only know of 2 of 4 from what the scholars tell us -- wonder if the other two were not really wroth keeping).

    1. Joel - -my heart has been so heavy this week. Rehashing the victim's stories at SGM and also thinking about what Alex Grenier has been going through as he was served the lawsuit this week has been tough. Can you imagine being sued by your own mother? That's so painful.

    2. I know. My reference to the Corinthians is part of that. I believe it was 1 Corinthians that talked about NOT resorting to court for these sorts of "family" issues....

      So we have people who bend scripture to suit their view of God (possibly an abusive God). Ignore Scripture that doesn't suit their agenda.

      Contrary to scripture, they've conformed to this world while trying not to conform to this world.

      Ok... Maybe I am being a little harsh. There are so many wrong pictures of a loving God that are being created.

    3. Again - we go back to love - that basic ingredient that is missing. I don't know how these abusive pastors deal with scripture that says He delights over us with singing. How can they reconcile that with what they have been perpetuating in their pastoring?


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